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Student Leadership Team

We are delighted to announce our 2016/17 Student Leadership Team! A school is nothing if it does not listen to the voices of its students and act the students ideas, where possible. This is exactly what we are doing at Maltby Manor. Our student leadership team voices the ideas of the entire student body to our Senior Leadership Team and ensure that all these ideas are taken in to consideration when decisions are made with in the school. Our team will be meeting once a month to discuss their issues and ideas.

Student Leadership Team 2016 - 2017

Year 1

Sewerby - Billy

Skipton - Starr

Year 2

Ashford - Archie

Aston - Ollie

Year 3

Rufford - Cody and Roxanne

Roche - Oliver and Honey

Year 4

Buckingham - Lola and Trysten

Blenheim - Teagan and Kyle

Year 5

Chatsworth - Daniel and Rosie

Cannon - Ruby and Aaron

Year 6

Hardwick - Jake and Rebecca

Haddon - Hope and Harry