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2Meet the Team

Meet our wonderful team of staff: 

senior leadership team

  • Miss J Petch

    Associate Vice Principal

  • Mrs H Howis

    KS2 Lead

  • Catriona Wilby


    Mrs Wilby, now an Associate Principal at Maltby Manor Academy, embarked on her educational journey more than a decade ago as a newly qualified teacher and has since played a key role in its growth and success. Her unwavering commitment to the school's mission of delivering quality education to every child has been exceptional. Mrs Wilby's expertise as a Key Stage 2 teacher consistently inspires and educates young minds, making a lasting impact on her pupils.

    Beyond the classroom, Mrs Wilby actively enhances teaching and learning practice school-wide. Her contributions have been pivotal in maintaining top-tier teaching standards at Maltby Manor Academy, upholding a culture of educational excellence.

    Mrs Wilby is not only an educator but also a community builder. She is deeply committed to the Maltby community and is dedicated to fostering a culture where every child can thrive. Her passion lies in creating equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their starting points, ensuring that each child has the chance to reach their full potential.

  • Miss R Kowalski

    EYFS Lead

  • Mrs E Ryde



  • Mrs R Carr-Colliver

    EYFS Teacher

  • Mrs A Radford

    Reception Teacher

  • Miss J Petch

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Mrs J Benton

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs V Rose

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs K Maddison

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss E Davies

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs H Howis

    Year 3 Teacher

  • Miss R Utley

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Miss M Goodwin

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mrs C Wilby

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mr J Farmer

    Year 5 Teacher

  • Mrs K Moody

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Miss E Doyle

    Year 6 Teacher

  • Mrs A Talbot

    Teacher (Maternity Leave)

hlta team

  • Mrs N Hollinger

    Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Miss S Frost

    Child Protection, Family Support & Safeguarding Manager

  • Mrs S Jones


  • Miss V Bell


teaching assistants

  • Mrs C Eaton

    Nursery Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs M Robinson

    Nursery Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs B Bates

    Reception Teaching Assistant

  • Miss P Hulley

    Reception Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs W O'Connor

    Reception Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Johnson

    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs D Russell

    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss A Osborne

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss B Oscroft

    Apprentice Teaching Assistant

  • Miss J Ackroyd

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs D Jones

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss L Cassin

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant


  • Alice Denton

    Partnership Governor

    After completing her BA Primary Education degree at Sheffield Hallam University, Miss Denton joined Maltby Lilly Hall Academy in 2015 as a Newly Qualified Teacher in Year 5. Since then, Miss Denton has taught across Key Stage 2 and is now the Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader. Miss Denton is passionate about ensuring all children have an exceptional education, that every child reaches their full potential and that they are fully prepared to be successful citizens in an ever-changing society.

    Miss Denton was elected staff governor in 2018 and was then re-elected in 2022. Being a staff governor gives Miss Denton a holistic view of the school and allows her to play a part in improving the education of all students in a different manner compared to her day-to-day role as Teacher and Leader.

local governance

  • Karen Maddison

    Staff Governor (Teacher)

  • Nicola Hollinger

    Staff Governor (Associate Professional))

    Nicola's professional skills, combined with her passion for making a difference to the lives of children at Maltby Manor, who need particular care and attention, make her an excellent choice for the role of Staff Governor. Being a Governor provides an opportunity for personal development, building skills and experience in areas such as project management, budgeting, and working as part of a leadership team. Nicola is prepared to contribute to discussions and offer challenge and support to the Principal, but is sensitive to the pressures under which they work. In addition, Nicola has an interest in education and the welfare of children whilst being willing to learn and attend relevant training.

  • Robert Wordsworth

    Additional Governor

  • Sam Boon

    Additional Governor