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Governor's award 21.07.17

This young boy has had a massive change in his behaviour since the beginning of the year. Before he entered the new year, we were working closely with his mum to put strategies in place so that he could have a fresh start. He is now much more accepting of making sensible choices and he is now able to and accepting to take responsibility for his actions.

This has helped not only improve his general behaviour but his attitude towards learning, too. He has taken a keen interest in several of our learning journeys and has been able to develop the questions he asks and has been more engaged in his learning as a whole. This was particularly evident in our Street Child topic where he was intrigued by the life of children during the Victorian times and he came up with some outstanding ideas and questions. While we were on the residential in Bamburgh, all the staff were really impressed with him as he showed exemplary behaviour and made sensible choices all the time we were there. He loved visiting different places and he enjoyed exploring in the rock pools. He even took part in the talent show where he came in the top three for his stand-up comedy act that he had previously prepared at home. His class teacher has seen a completely different side to Lewis since first meeting him at the end of year 4 and now that he has shown potential to do well, we would like to see him continue this into his final year at Manor. Well done Lewis. We are very proud of you!