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Bamburgh - Day 1 09.10.17

On the long journey to Bamburgh the adventure began at Hartlepool Quay.  The 'shipmates' were press ganged onto the Tricomalee where they learnt all about life at sea as a Victorian sailor.  After exploring fighting ships, the coach was again boarded for part two of the journey.


The sun was shining on arrival at Bamburgh.  Excitement grew as the rooms were announced and hotel explored.  After tea of burger and wedges, the night walk on the beach, around the castle gave the children the chance to see the 'winking' lighthouses on the Farne Islands.  Stars came out to greet the children and the milky way was very visible.  Following hot chocolate and buns, all settled well for a first night's sleep - ready for the long hike tomorrow. For more photos please click here.