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Bamburgh - Day 2 - 10.10.17

After a hearty breakfast, the beach awaited for the long hike to Seahouses.  The tide had retreated leaving behind the flotsam ripe for exploration.  Seaweed, shells and rocks became the new treasures.  The brave few challenged themselves with the paddle in the cold north sea - five minutes later all had returned to warm socks and shoes.  Lunch overlooking the harbour attracted some hungry seagulls. 

After searching the rock pools for creatures and showing off their knowledge, the return to Bamburgh.  For the wearisome few, a walk along the beach.  For the energetic ones - the sand dunes were beckoning.  For the conquers of the sand dunes a sledge down back to base was their reward.  Games night was a great end to a busy day. For more photos please click here.