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Year 4 Jorvik Trip 07.03.18

Year 4 set off for York to find out more about the Viking way of life. We arrived in a bright, sunny city and walked through the Shambles towards the Minster. Some of the shops were built so close together that they almost touched across the street. After we had taken in some of the sights, we made our way back to Yorvik for our main session of the day. We took a ride back into the past and saw first hand what life was like in Viking times. We saw the people fishing, trading, playing games and even sitting on the toilet! We saw original artefacts that had been dug up when the museum was excavated. Later in the day, Buckingham had a session on Viking sagas and we told the story of how Thor lost his hammer and had to trick the God of ice into giving it back. Blenheim learned all about battle tactics and acted out battle cries and manoeuvers.

We had a fabulous time and all felt that we knew a lot more to share with friends and family when we got back.     

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