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Governors Award - Spring 2018

This person is a lovely hardworking young man. At the start of the year he found reading comprehensions extremely difficult and in his first year 6 test he only scored 11.  After disappointment around his score, he decided he was going to do everything he could do to improve his score. In class we have daily speed reading challenges and there are 50+ reading challenges to complete. This young man’s hard work and dedication has meant that he took a reading card home every night and has been the only child who has been determined to complete as many as possible. He is the only child in the three years that they have been running at Manor (and the previous 15 years of Mrs Cliff completing them) l, he is the only child ever to complete all of the reading challenges.

In his recent test Elliot scored 35/50, this is an amazing achievement and his hard work and dedication to achieve has paid off. Miss Southall, all the staff and governors are extremely proud of him and his hard work. It shows that hard word really pays!