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Bamburgh Day 2

The sand dunes awaited as the children awoke early this morning.  After a hearty full English breakfast, the children saw the magnificant castle for the first time in daylight.  They were amazed by it's enormousity as it stood like a colossal giant on the horizon.  As the walk along the beach began, inquisitive children found a variety of sea shells and rocks - and the odd dead crab.  Seahouses harbour appeared closer as the discovery continued in the rock pools.  Excited children were exploring the habitats of the creatures which were left in their pools whilst the tide went out.  Lunch was nearly stolen by the number of sea birds trying to taste the sandwiches and chips.  The tide was quickly rolling in as the walk back home began.   The brave few spent time jumping the waves, splashing around in the cold North Sea.  All the children faced the challenge of the great sand dune hike and all were rewarded with the slide down the great mound at the end.  Games night finished the day before very tired children fell into their beds.

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