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Home-Academy Agreement

This Home-Academy agreement forms the basis of the partnership between you, your child and us as your child's school. It is intended to help make clear what we can expect from each other, setting out:

· The Academy's responsibilities, aims and values and what it will do for you and your child

· Parents' and carers' responsibilities in supporting the Academy

· What the Academy expects of its pupils

Academy Aims

Maltby Manor works in partnership to ensure our pupils grow, learn and achieve together, preparing them for life in a changing world.

Achieving Together

  • Through applying excellent basic skills
  • Through inspirational teaching
  • Through mutual respect and pride in achievement
  • Through ambition for the future
  • Through being adaptable to a changing world

Learning Together

  • Through a rich, exciting, engaging curriculum
  • Through wider opportunities beyond school
  • Through building resilience and self-confidence
  • Through collaboration and team work
  • Through self-reliance and independence

Growing Together

  • Through knowing we all have the same rights and needs
  • Through knowing what is right and wrong
  • Through tolerance, acceptance and integrity
  • Through aspiring to be the best we can be
  • Through working together, in partnership, as a learning community

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by:

  • Striving continuously to improve what we do.
  • Working as a community to achieve common goals.
  • Providing opportunities for learning for all staff.
  • Constantly reflecting on the effectiveness of what we do.

What will the Academy do?

Make every reasonable effort to provide a safe, physical environment for the children.

Value each child as an individual and set appropriate targets for future learning.

 Encourage all children to do their best within a challenging but supportive environment.

Provide an interesting and enriched curriculum to develop and sustain a love of learning for life.

Use a range of teaching styles to make the curriculum interesting and to match the different learning style of each child.

Keep parents informed about the teaching planned for the term for their child through curriculum updates and the newsletter.

Provide regular newsletters to inform and involve parents in school life.

Inform parents promptly of any concerns about the progress, behaviour or well-being of their child.

Plan regular meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress and be available for additional appointments as and when they are necessary.

Provide homework in line with the school’s homework policy.

Provide and follow clear policies and guidelines.

As a parent/carer I will:

Ensure my child gets to the Academy on time.

Ensure that my child has high levels of attendance and, if they are unable to attend, ensure I inform the Academy on the first day of absence.

Talk regularly to the Academy if circumstances for my child change in a way which might affect their learning or behaviour.

Attend parents' evenings about my child’s progress.

Support the Academy in implementing the behaviour policy and encouraging good behaviour.

Be aware of and support my child with their homework, including reading regularly with them.

Ensure my child has everything they need for the Academy each day.

Make sure my child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Work with the Academy in supporting my child’s particular needs.

Ensure that I address any concerns I have about my child appropriately with their class teacher or with the senior leadership of the Academy.

Follow Academy policies and procedures outlined on the website.

As a pupil I will:

follow the Golden Rules:

We are gentle: We don’t hurt others

We are kind and helpful: we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

We listen: We don’t interrupt

We are honest: We don’t cover up the truth

We work hard: We don’t waste our own or other’s time

We look after property: We don’t waste or damage things


Use the Learning Behaviour Code

A  Ask good questions

C  Challenge yourself

H   Help others understand

   I       Inquire and explore     

E     Explain your ideas

V    Value thoughts and opinions

 E    Enjoy and engage