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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision 

'Delivering exceptional learning experiences which enable all young people to thrive in a competitive world and lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Academy Aims

Maltby Manor works in partnership with all members of our community to ensure our pupils grow, learn and achieve together, preparing them for life in a changing world. We aim to build strong learning behaviours, good learning attitudes and high levels of aspiration to enable our pupils to succeed in their primary school years and beyond.

Within our academy, every child is an individual with a unique potential for learning.  Our curriculum is designed to be creative and offer vibrant learning experiences that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.  We aim for each child’s experience at Maltby Manor to be memorable, engaging and inspiring as well as develop a love of learning; enabling each child to participate fully in society as a responsible, self-confident citizen.

Achieving Together:

  • Through applying excellent basic skills
  • Through inspirational teaching
  • Through mutual respect and pride in achievement
  • Through ambition for the future
  • Through being adaptable to a changing world

Learning Together:

  • Through a rich, exciting, engaging curriculum
  • Through wider opportunities beyond school
  • Through building resilience and self-confidence
  • Through collaboration and team work
  • Through self-reliance and independence

Growing Together:

  • Through knowing we all have the same rights and needs
  • Through knowing what is right and wrong
  • Through tolerance, acceptance and integrity
  • Through aspiring to be the best we can be
  • Through working together, in partnership, as a learning community