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Curriculum Statement 2023/24

Curriculum Intent

Every child is an individual with a unique potential for learning. Our curriculum is designed to be creative and offer vibrant learning experiences that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual child. We aim for each child’s experience at Maltby Manor to be memorable, engaging and inspiring as well as develop a love of learning; enabling each child to participate fully in society as a responsible, self-confident citizen.

We believe that to be effective, a curriculum needs to be based on the acquisition of knowledge; substantive and procedural, progressively building on acquired knowledge so that it can be applied in different contexts and subjects. We believe by having an emphasis on cross curricular teaching, it makes the curriculum relevant and meaningful.

Curriculum Aims

At Maltby Manor Academy, we design a curriculum which is:

· Unique: We recognise that not only is each child an individual but also each class and each member of staff have unique interests, skills and talents. Our curriculum is designed flexibly to meet the needs of these groups.

· Engaging: Our aim is that children enjoy learning and embrace challenge: this high level of engagement leads to progress.

· Enriching: Our aim is that the curriculum is enriched in a variety of ways: trips; visitors; real world contexts; innovative, stimulating and inspiring experiences; cross-curricular links; purposeful use of the environment; pupil and staff collaboration.

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum is structured in a way that ensures that students learn skills and concepts in a logical order. Each year's curriculum builds upon the foundations established in previous years, gradually increasing the complexity of the content as students’ progress.

Building on Prior Learning recognises the importance of students' prior knowledge and skills. Teachers and curriculum lead take into account what students have already learned and use that as a starting point for further development. This helps students build a strong and coherent understanding of substantive and disciplinary knowledge.

Progression documents outline the specific skills, concepts and learning objectives that students should achieve by the end of each year. They serve as a road map for teachers, ensuring that the curriculum is taught systematically and that students are prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our curriculum design is aimed at providing students with a coherent progression that prepares them for future learning and real-world applications. It recognises the importance of both depth and breadth in knowledge and skills, ensuring that students not only acquire knowledge and skills but also develop a deep understanding of how they all fit together.

The objectives we use are taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage Strategy and the National Curriculum and we also study the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education. To ensure age appropriate progression of knowledge, we have carefully selected the sequence of when, what and how knowledge is taught.



For more information regarding Primary Assessment please click here.

Core Learning Characteristics

Through our curriculum, we aim to foster the complete development of each child, integrating both character and knowledge. In order to promote this, we have pinpointed six essential characteristics that we strive to instil in within our children. Every aspect of our approach is designed to foster the growth of these fundamental attributes, which we believe are pivotal in preparing our children to become well- rounded, well-educated individuals who are ready for success in their future educational endeavours.

Our core characteristics are: 


Our children will emerge as resilient learners who persist in the face of challenges. They will derive enjoyment from being pushed to their limits and will possess a repertoire of resources to overcome difficulties. They will recognise that failure is an integral part of the learning process and will adeptly discuss their setbacks in a constructive manner. Armed with these qualities, they will confidently confront any challenges they face head on. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Create an environment that embraces challenges and acknowledges the value of failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Teach children conflict resolution and dispute resolution skills in a supportive manner.
  • Offer a diverse array of experiences that encourage children to push their perceived boundaries and cultivate perseverance.
  • Engage students in a wide range of competitive sports, pushing them to explore their abilities and surpass their limitations.
  • Provide every child with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their academic journey.


Our children will be equipped with the capacity and tools to enquire about the world that surrounds them. They will pose questions and actively seek solutions, thereby enhancing their comprehension, knowledge, and aptitude for learning. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Implement a curriculum that emphasises captivating and fascinating facts, conveyed through creative and innovative teaching methods.
  • Expose children to immersive and thrilling learning experiences and settings that ignite their curiosity and encourage them to delve deeper into the subject matter.
  • Ensure that the learning process is meaningful by providing practical contexts that enable learners to perceive the purpose behind their actions.


Children at Maltby Manor will develop a strong sense of confidence in their own abilities as well as in the abilities of their peers. They will encounter situations that offer them opportunities to thrive and take pride in their accomplishments. They will cultivate an optimistic and positive self-image, possessing the self-esteem necessary to embrace challenges and explore their boundaries. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Create avenues for children to celebrate their talents, both within the school environment and beyond.
  • Provide each child regular chances to perform in front of audiences, fostering their self-confidence.
  • Ensure that every child experiences success and continues to build upon their natural talents within the curriculum.
  • Provide diverse opportunities for learning in various settings and methods, including outdoor learning experiences.
  • Equip children with the skills to communicate confidently and express their viewpoints effectively.
  • Instruct children in the use of an extensive vocabulary and expose them to the richness of language.


Our children will not only cultivate empathy for themselves but also for others. They will encounter situations that provide them with the opportunity to show kindness and understanding towards their peers and the world around them. They will develop a compassionate and positive self-image, which will enable them to engage with others with empathy and consideration. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Create opportunities for children to demonstrate their thoughtfulness, both within the school community and beyond.
  • Encourage each child to engage in activities that promote consideration and respect for others, nurturing their ability to understand and empathise.
  • Ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel in areas that align with their natural talents and interests.
  • Provide a variety of opportunities for children to learn and demonstrate empathy in various settings and contexts, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Teach children effective communication skills, emphasizing the importance of expressing their thoughts and feelings with kindness and empathy.
  • Help children expand their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of language, enabling them to communicate their empathy and consideration effectively.


Maltby Manor children will develop the self-reliance and confidence to take initiative and manage their own responsibilities. They will be exposed to situations that encourage them to think and act autonomously. They will cultivate a strong sense of self and self-assurance, which will empower them to tackle challenges and explore their boundaries with independence. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Create opportunities for children to take charge of their tasks and decisions, both within the school and in their broader experiences.
  • Encourage each child to develop self-reliance and the ability to make independent choices, fostering their decision-making skills.
  • Ensure that every child has the chance to excel in areas where they can demonstrate their autonomy and resourcefulness.
  • Empower children to become self-reliant, self-driven learners while fostering a deep passion for acquiring knowledge.
  • Foster an environment where children can take calculated risks, helping them expand their horizons and develop a sense of discernment regarding acceptable risks.
  • Teach children effective communication skills, emphasizing the importance of expressing their thoughts and ideas with confidence and clarity.


We will foster ambition in our children, instilling in them an awareness of opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings, igniting aspirations and inspiring goal setting. They will be equipped with the knowledge of how to pursue their dreams and recognise the significance of hard work and self-motivation. In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Broaden children's horizons and encourage them to reach beyond their perceived limitations by providing inspiring learning experiences and serving as exemplary adult role models.
  • Maintain unwavering ambition for every child, regardless of their abilities or talents, tirelessly working to ensure that all children realise their full potential.
  • Collaborate with parents, stakeholders, and other agencies to ensure that all children receive the support necessary to achieve their true potential and overcome any challenges they may encounter.


If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher or come into school and meet a member of our team.