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Welcome to Maltby Manor Academy, I am Mrs K Atkin, the Principal. Here we take great pride in being a close-knit learning community where the well-being and success of our children and their families are at the heart of our mission. Our belief is that when we work in harmony with parents/carers, children, and the wider community, we can pave the way for our children to achieve their highest potential. Our shared commitment is to uphold the highest educational standards and ensure that every child realises the best possible outcomes.

At Maltby Manor Academy, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment that encourages curiosity, fosters a love of learning, and instils the values of respect, responsibility, and resilience in our children. We are excited to embark on this educational journey with you and look forward to partnering with you as we nurture the next generation of confident, capable, and compassionate individuals.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our school, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Our primary objective is to foster robust learning behaviours, positive attitudes toward learning, and high levels of ambition to ensure the success of our children throughout their primary school years and beyond. Our innovative and captivating curriculum is designed to ignite children's enthusiasm and curiosity about the world they inhabit. By providing genuine and thrilling experiences that breathe life into their education, we help them comprehend that through diligence and perseverance, they can attain their goals and aspirations.

We are committed to equipping our students with the most effective approaches to learning. Through the implementation of our Core Learning Characteristics, we guide children in developing independence and a constructive outlook on the challenges they encounter in their education and in the broader world beyond school. This approach enables them to fully explore and develop their personalities, talents, and abilities.

As a part of the Maltby Learning Trust, we maintain close collaboration with our partner schools to offer our students a diverse and exciting educational experience. We provide various opportunities for children to enhance their musical, dance, and academic talents, offering them the chance to showcase their abilities to others and connect with like-minded peers across different age groups. Through the Maltby School Sports Partnership, we offer a wide range of opportunities for children to develop skills in various sports and participate in inter-school competitions.