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  • Year 5's Trip to Alton Towers 14.06.18

    Published 15/06/18

    After much anticipation and building up to the final visit of the year, Cannon and Chatsworth were finally able to go to Alton Towers to celebrate their learning. The children were extremely excited about experiencing rides such as Oblivion, Rita, Nemesis, Spinball Whizzer and many more. Many of the children were able to face their fears and challenge themselves to try some new for the first time. With lots of laughter and smiles all day, it would be fair to say that everyone loved the visit!


    We could finally see how different forces work on rollercoasters and could see our scientific theories come to life in real-life situations. With great speeds being reached, gravity and G-force acting on our bodies it was great to see how science is used in the real world.


    The children all loved their time in Alton Towers and would all recommend the visit to everyone!

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  • Build a World Day 07.06.18

    Published 07/06/18

    Article 22 Refugee children have the right to protection and help. Children have been learning about their rights and how other children in the world access them.

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  • Year 3's trip to Clifton Park 05.06.18

    Published 06/06/18

    Year 3 visited Clifton Park museum to look at how Early settlers survived in Stoneage Rotherham. We had a great time looking carefully at Stoneage artefacts in the museum and becoming Stoneage people ourselves in the park. Our Stoneage leader taught us how to make fire using flints and we even got to try it! It was very tricky but we were resilient and challenged ourselves. We also made models of Stoneage settlements using natural materials and tried archery using bows and arrows. 


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  • Telephone line error

    Published 05/06/18

    We are having some difficulty with our phone lines, please call 07817 288220 if you need to contact school.

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  • FS1 - Y3 May Pole Assembly

    Published 01/06/18

    FS1 - Y3 had their May Pole Assembly on Friday 25th May.

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  • FS Ugly Bug Ball

    Published 01/06/18

    Here are some photos from the Foundation Stage's Ugly Bug Ball.

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  • KS1 Teacher Vacancy

    Published 25/05/18

    Take a look at our new Vacancy. For more information please click here.

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  • Golden Table

    Published 24/05/18

    On Wednesday 23rd May the winners of the Royal Wedding Plate competition enjoyed their dinner at the Royal Golden Table.

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  • Celebrating the Royal Wedding

    Published 23/05/18

    KS1 have made a card to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

    We have sent it to Kensington Palace.

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  • KS1 - I wonder what worms do underground

    Published 22/05/18

    In science we have been learning about animals. We had to investigate 'I wonder what worms do underground.'

    The children worked with their learning partner to make some predictions, these were then shared with the class. In small groups the children created a wormery, they had to think carefully about what a worm would need to survive.

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