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Throughout our curriculum, we aim to foster the complete development of each child, integrating both character and knowledge. To promote this, we have pinpointed six essential characteristics that we strive to instil in within our children. Every aspect of our approach is designed to foster the growth of these fundamental attributes. We believe that each attribute is pivotal in preparing our children to become well- rounded, well-educated individuals who are ready for success in their future educational endeavours.

It is of great importance that these characteristics are not only identified, but also rewarded and recognised when children are achieving these with consistency. Our rewards and recognition of core learning characteristics for all our pupils include:


Coloured beads which correspond to the colour of the Core Learning Characteristic icons above are given regularly day to day. If your child shows the behaviour ‘Resilient’, they would receive a red bead, green for ‘Considerate’ and so on. These beads are accumulated over the course of a term and are collected into our four House team jars: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The winning House earns a 'Bead Treat' at the end of each term, which will be something exciting and engaging for all the pupils to experience in that House.


The school is dedicated to recognising and celebrating children displaying Core Learning Characteristics in their learning time at Maltby Manor Academy.

Individual Achievement Postcards:

  • When a child displays one of the Core Learning Characteristics, they will receive an individual achievement postcard.
  • The postcard will be formally presented during Friday's Super Star assembly, creating a special moment of recognition for the child in front of their peers and teachers.

Parent/Carer Awareness:

  • To ensure that parents/carers are aware of their child's achievements, a message will be promptly sent on DoJo, providing a direct and immediate communication channel.


Every child in school has a bronze, silver and gold sticker chart to collect all six-Core Learning Characteristic stickers on. Once they complete a bronze sheet, they move on to silver and then gold. With the completion of each sheet, a special badge will be awarded for them to wear with pride on the collar of their school uniform. These stickers are harder to achieve, as children have to show the relevant behaviour consistently.

This sticker chart system serves as a visual and tangible representation of a child's growth in Core Learning Characteristics. By progressing through the levels and earning badges, students are not only motivated but also actively engaged in their own development. The involvement of parents/carers in recognising and discussing achievements further reinforces a positive learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. The intentional difficulty of earning stickers emphasises the value of consistent and sustained effort in cultivating essential learning characteristics.


The 'Star' reward system at our school is designed to recognise and celebrate exceptional efforts by individual pupils. Stars are given infrequently, maintaining high expectations and underscoring the precious nature of this recognition. By implementing this thoughtful and selective approach to awarding stars, we aim to inspire and motivate pupils to consistently strive for excellence, while also creating a sense of achievement and pride in their academic journey. The tiered progression of stars reflects the continuous growth and development of each child, ultimately culminating in the prestigious Diamond level.

Criteria for Stars:

  • Stars are awarded by the class teacher for outstanding efforts by the individual child.
  • Not every piece of home learning qualifies for a Star; these are reserved for truly exceptional work completed by the child.
  • The final Star, which results in a badge, will be given by the Principal or a Senior Leader, emphasising the significance of this recognition.
  • Alongside the pin badge, the child will be presented with a certificate in the Superstar assembly, creating a special moment of acknowledgement.
  • Throughout their academic journey,  a child collects Stars that progress from Bronze, through Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Emerald, culminating in the prestigious Diamond level.

Parent/Carer notifications

Parents/carers will be promptly notified via DoJo, keeping them informed and involved in their child's achievements.

Superstar Award

The Superstar Award is a recognition bestowed upon students for excellent achievements. This will be presented during Friday's Superstar assembly. Children can earn the Superstar Award for exceptional accomplishments such as, demonstrating outstanding academic improvement, displaying exceptional kindness and empathy towards peers, showing remarkable leadership skills within the school community, consistently exhibiting a positive attitude and contributing to a positive learning environment etc.


To encourage regular reading and foster a love for literature, we have implemented a rewarding system that acknowledges and celebrates the reading achievements of our students. Here's a concise description of the reading program.

Weekly Reading Log:

  • When a child reads three times a week and records it in their planner, they earn a stamp or a sticker.

Accumulating Stamps:

  •  Once a child collects 10 stamps, they can trade them in for a star in their planner.

25 book challenge

The challenge:

  • Every child is given the opportunity to embark on the 25 Book Challenge, promoting home reading for pleasure.
  •  If a child reads 5,10,15 and 20 out of the 25 books, evidenced in their reading log in their planner, they will be presented with a certificate during assembly.
  • Upon successfully completing all 25 books, the child will also receive a star in their planner.
  • Upon reading all 25 books, a Certificate of Recognition will be presented during the Friday Superstar assembly.

Parents will be notified via DoJo, keeping them informed about their child's reading accomplishments.

This reading incentive program aims not only to track and reward consistent reading habits but also to celebrate and acknowledge the achievement of completing the 25 Book Challenge. By involving parents/carers and recognising progress at the assembly, we hope to create a supportive and encouraging environment that inspires a lifelong love for reading in our students.