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What homework do we have and how much?

At Maltby Manor Academy we believe that homework is an integral part of the learning process for children throughout the age range. We know that children progress most effectively when they are getting regular support from home and because of this we start sending learning home from an early age. At Manor homework takes two different forms, either children will be asked to practice their basic skills (phonics/spelling, reading, number bonds/times tables, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) or complete a project in support of their Learning Journey work in class. This is often a research based, longer project intended to both involve you in their learning and widen their understanding of the subject.

Obviously the type and frequency of homework will change as your child moves through school, generally increasing in frequency and difficulty as a child gets older, but the basic purpose remains the same - to reinforce children's learning and to involve you in the learning process.

Please click below to download our full homework policy