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Hello, Nursery! We are Mrs. Ryde and Mrs. Carr-Colliver, your class teachers. We are passionate about teaching in Nursery as the children love to learn and are curious and enthusiastic about everything. Every day brings something new and exciting, as well as challenges and opportunities to grow. Very often we experience things for the first time with the children, such as discovering nature, reading stories, or creating art. We cannot wait to see what this year in Nursery has in store for us.

What We're Learning This Half Term

Our learning this half term will centre around the question: What does it taste like?

Communication and Language Development

Communication and language development in the early years are critical components of a child's overall growth and future success. Effective communication and language skills serve as the foundation for cognitive, social, and emotional development. During this term, we will be learning how to use more complex sentences when connecting our ideas and thoughts. We will continue our learning of Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds which promotes children’s speaking and listening skills. We will focus particularly on Aspect 4 Rhythm and Rhyme, Aspect 5 Alliteration and Aspect 6 Voice Sounds.

Physical Development

Physical Development in the early years is a vital component of a child's holistic development. It encompasses a range of activities and experiences that promote physical fitness, motor skills, and overall well-being. To develop these skills, we will be baking gingerbread, gaining more independence during self-care, and mounting steps using alternate feet. We will develop our gross and fine motor skills by taking part in Spot dancing and Squiggle Wiggle sessions weekly.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Developing PSED in the early years is vital for building a strong foundation for a child's future success in school and in life. By nurturing their personal, social, and emotional development, we help children develop the skills and attitudes that contribute to their overall well-being and positive relationships with others. We aim to support this skill development by enabling children to gain confidence when exploring the indoor and outdoor environments. When in provision adults will model play and encourage friendship building, children will begin to show interest in play with other children by playing alongside them.


Promoting literacy in the early years is essential for setting the stage for reading and writing success in school and beyond. By fostering a love of books and language, providing meaningful literacy experiences, and tailoring instruction to each child's needs, we can help children develop strong literacy skills and a lifelong passion for reading and learning. This half term we will do this by sharing and enjoy new and familiar stories. We will focus our literacy and communication sessions around the story of the Gingerbread Man. Nursery rhymes are a great way to introduce and expand vocabulary. We will be learning the nursery rhyme Five Currant Buns and enhancing out learning by tasting some too.


Fostering mathematics in the early years is crucial for building a strong mathematical foundation and fostering a love for math. By providing a rich and engaging mathematical environment, offering opportunities for exploration and problem-solving, and tailoring instruction to children's developmental levels, we can help them develop essential mathematical skills and confidence in their abilities.

During the second part of the Autumn term, we will build on the skills we have developed so far and use these to compare objects and use the different language of size. We will begin our counting journey and assign one number name to each object that is being counted. Once we are confident, we will then begin to compare amounts.

Understanding the world

Understanding the World in the early years helps children develop a broad range of knowledge and skills that are essential for their overall development. It fosters a sense of curiosity, empathy, and a connection to the world around them, which are valuable attributes for lifelong learning and citizenship. We will be getting hands on experiences when baking and talking about what happens when we mix the ingredients together. We will talk about different celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Christmas and encourage the children to share their own experiences and knowledge.

Expressive Arts ad Design

Expressive Art and Design in the early years is crucial for promoting creativity, self-expression, and imaginative thinking. It allows children to explore and communicate their feelings and ideas in diverse ways, fostering a lifelong love of art and creative expression.

This half term lends itself perfectly to singing as we will be learning to sing Christmas songs. We will develop our artistic exploration by encouraging the children to experiment with blocks, colours and marks and discover their properties.

We're looking forward to a terrific half term filled with learning, exploration, and adventure.