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YEAR 3 - Roche and Rufford

Hello, Year 3! We are Miss Davies and Miss Cruickshanks, your class teacher. We are passionate about creating an exciting education to ensure you have a love for your learning. Miss Cruickshanks favourite subject is Maths, and she can't wait for you to challenge yourselves as we approach our multiplication and division learning. Miss Davies’s favourite subject is Science, and she can't wait to explore the wonders of the forces and magnets with all of you this term.

What We're Learning This Half Term

Mathematics: Exploring Multiplication and Division

In Maths, we'll be diving deep into multiplication and division. Get ready to master your times tables, solve challenging problems, and become multiplication and division experts. Your times tables rockstars learning will be extremely useful this term. Keep practising!

English: The Iron Man – Diary entries, Narrative stories and Newspaper reports.

Our English lessons will take us on thrilling adventures as we learn about who the Iron Man is and what he does. We are going to write a narrative story that tells us all about the discovery of the Iron man. Followed by a newspaper report that tells the community about the events of the Iron man. How exciting!

Science: Forces and Magnets

Science this term is all about forces and magnets. We will become scientists, experimenting the gravitational pull of magnets, magnetic fields and discovering what items are magnetic? This topic is full of exciting experiments, we can’t wait to get started.

Curriculum Focus: History – The Bronze and Iron Age

In our curriculum sessions, we'll travel back in time to discover the Bronze and Iron Age and how this differs to the Stone Age. We will learn about how tools developed and were made, where they lived and what their art looked like. Its going to be an exciting journey as we travel through the BC time period and into the AD time period.

PE: Tag Rugby and Hockey

PE will have two focus’ where we learn the skills and rules of tag Rugby with our PE teacher from Maltby Academy. We will then begin to learn the rules and skills of hockey, looking at dribbling, tackling, and shooting before developing into small games. Miss Curickshanks played in her university Hockey team so she am really excited for our PE lessons.

RE/PSHE: Christians and Understanding emotions.

During their RE lessons, the children will be researching who Jesus was, what he teaches us and what his miracles show about him. Whereas, in PSHE they will begin to understand how to make people feel like they belong, discuss the concept of bullying and racism and know their rights and responsibilities.

Creative Arts: Linkages and Levers

In our DT lessons we will be learning what a linkage and lever is through designing and making a robot, linking to our class novel of The Iron Man. We will be able to join parts of their robot together using linkages and levers. The final piece will be created as part as our Stay and junk session.


Bronze and Iron Age homework, this term you have the choice of creating a miniature Iron Age settlement, design your own Iron Age shield using some of their artwork designs and creating a timeline from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We are really looking forward to a fantastic half term filled with learning, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Let's make it a term to remember!