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YEAR 1 - Kelham & Kensington

Hello Year 1 and welcome to our year group!We have so many exciting opportunities for you and will be making the most of our year together. We hope that you will enjoy our topics and we hope that you can share any of your amazing home-learning projects with us, too.

Mrs Benton, Miss Petch and Miss Herman

What We're Learning This Half-Term

Mathematics: Exploring Addition and Subtraction

In Maths, we will be exploring the different methods we can use to add and subtract numbers. We will use maths equipment to help us to add and subtract along with pictorial representations. We will begin to write addition and subtraction number sentences ensuring that we use the correct symbols.

English: Writing sentences.

Within our English lessons, we will be reading stories written by Oliver Jeffers including Lost and Found and The Way Back Home. Linking to our reading we will write sentences about items that were found in a Lost and Found box. We will be continuing to write sentences accurately by ensuring the correct grammar is included. We will continue to focus on letter formation, capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops.

Science: Animals Including Humans

We will be continuing with our science focus of Animals including Humans but this half term we will be learning about the Human body. We will consider our 5 senses and how we use these. We will go on a walk around the school and carry out a sense survey thinking about what we can hear, see, smell, and touch. We will also be carrying out a taste test where we will try different foods blindfolded and guess what they are.

Curriculum Focus: History – Kings and Queens

This half term, we will be continuing our learning of Kings and Queens we are going to be looking into The Gunpowder Plot. We will be finding out who Queen Elizabeth II was and looking at different historical sources to learn about her life.


PE days will continue to be on a Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure children have appropriate PE kits and footwear. Also, please ensure that all children’s earrings are removed.


In PSHE we will be learning about how all families are different and considering who are ‘our special people’. We will be thinking about self-respect and why this is important. Further to this, we will discuss the different types of bullying including cyber bullying. In RE we will be retelling the Christmas story and name some of the characters involved.

Creative Arts: Beatrix Potter

In Art, we are going to be learning about Beatrix Potter. We will be looking at examples of her work before using this to inspire us to create a pencil drawing of a butterfly.


There is a selection of project ideas available for this half term on the homework menu and our newsletter for Autumn 2.