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Reception - Fountains & Fitzwilliam

Hello, Reception! We are Mrs. Radford, Miss.Kowalski and Mrs.Carr-Colliver, your class teachers. We are passionate about teaching in Reception and are so excited for you to be in our classes. We cannot wait to see what this year in Reception has in store for us.

What We're Learning This Half Term

Our learning this half term will centre around the question: What does it mean to be kind?

Communication and Language Development

We are going to focus on:

· Understanding how to listen carefully and why listening is important.

· Developing social phrases.

· Listening carefully to rhymes and songs, paying attention to how they sound.

· Retelling stories.

Physical Development

We are going to focus on:

· Progressing towards a more fluent style of moving, with developing control and grace.

· Developing small motor skills to use a range of tools competently, safely and confidently.

· Using core muscle strength to achieve a good posture when sitting at a table or sitting on the floor.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We are going to focus on:

· Seeing ourselves as a valuable individual.

· Building constructive and respectful relationships.

· Expressing feelings and considering the feelings of others.

· Managing our own needs.


We will focus our literacy sessions on the stories of The Little Red Hen, Jack and the Beanstalk and The First Christmas. We will be working on writing letter sounds and simple cvc words such as hen, fox etc.

We also do daily RWI lessons, this helps us to learn how to read and write letter sounds and put sounds together to read words.

Some key questions we will look at are:

· Where does the Little Red Hen live? 

· What other animals live on a farm? 

· How does the Little Red Hen feel in the story?

· Why does Jack sell the family cow?

· Why is Jack’s Mum upset in the story?

· Is the Giant a good or bad character?

· Do you think Jack has a good life?  


In Maths, we will be focusing on learning all about the numbers 1-5. We will also look at circles and triangles and shapes within the environment. We will also look at what one more or one less than a given number is.

Understanding the world

We will be learning about Remembrance Day, bonfire night and Christmas.

Key questions:

· How do you celebrate  Bonfire night?

· Why do we wear a poppy? 

· What is traditional at Christmas? 

Expressive Arts and Design

We are going to focus on:

· Exploring, using and refining a variety of artistic effects to express ideas and feelings. 

· Developing storylines in pretend play.  

· Singing a range of Christmas songs.

We will be sharing all of our great learning on our class dojo stories! Please do send us pictures of any of your child’s achievements outside of school or any wow work, we would love to see it!