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YEAR 2 - Ashford & Aston

Hello Year 2 and welcome to our year group! We have so many exciting opportunities for you and will be making the most of our year together. We hope that you will enjoy our topics and we hope that you can share any of your amazing home-learning projects with us, too.

We look forward to getting to know you all!

What We're Learning This Half Term

Mathematics: Exploring shapes and money

In Maths, we'll be exploring the different properties of shapes. We will be using key mathematical vocabulary such as vertices, sides, and edges. We will also be using lots of different practical resources to help us with our learning. Following this, we will be looking at money. We will be counting, comparing, and calculating amounts using pounds and pence. As always, we will start off by using manipulatives and practical resources to help us with our fluency questions and as we become more confident, we'll develop our learning with more reasoning and problem-solving questions.

English: Diary Entries

Similarly to last half-term, we will link our English lessons to our new history focus, Nelson Mandela. We will be writing newspaper reports, biographies, diary entries and poetry all linking to the facts and information we will learn about Nelson Mandela in our other curriculum subjects.

Science: Everyday materials

Science is all about different everyday materials this half-term. We will be looking at how we can identify and compare different materials and how they may be suitable for different purposes. We will also look more closely at recycling and how this is so important for the future of our planet.

Curriculum Focus: History – nelson mandela

This half-term, we are going to be looking into the life of Nelson Mandela and the significant events which have taken place, linking to him, during his lifetime and the impact he had on the world we are living in today. We will be finding out who Nelson Mandela was and why he was so significant.

PE: Team sports

Prior to half-term, we have started to learn the basics in tag rugby. We will be continuing this as well as looking at how to develop some skills in another team game – hockey. We look forward to welcoming Miss Snell back from Maltby Academy to help with our PE learning.


In RE, we are going to be thinking about puzzling questions people may have about God. We will have lots of open discussions to share our thoughts and ideas in a safe environment. We will then explore the thoughts and ideas of other people. Our PSHE lessons will be based on keeping ourselves safe. This will include how to use the Emergency Services safely, online safety, safe and dangerous places to play and making choices.

Creative Arts

In Design and Technology, we are going to be exploring, designing, and creating our own kalimba drums. This links well to our topic surrounding Africa. We will also have an African Drumming workshop coming into schools to help inspire us creatively.


There is a selection of project ideas available for this half-term on the homework menu and our newsletter for Spring 1.