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YEAR 4 - Blenheim and Buckingham

Hello, Year 4! It’s Mrs Howis and Mr Hodgetts, your class teachers. We are passionate about nurturing young minds and creating a love for learning in our year group and we cannot wait to share our new learning with you all this term! We are ready to step into our time machines and blast back in time to the Ancient Greek period to learn more about them.

What We're Learning This Half Term


In Maths, we'll be diving deep into multiplication and division. We will also be practising our times tables to become more confident at reciting them. We will be looking at mastering our 3,4- and 6-times tables this half term.

English: Myths, Legends and Ancient Greek Stories

Our English lessons will take us on thrilling adventures as we will be reading and writing myths and legends and our writing will be based around Ancient Greece. Who knows where our imagination will lead us?

Science: Electricity

Science is all about Electricity this term. We'll become physicists, learning all about electrical components and circuits, taking part in exciting experiments and learning about insulators and conductors.

Curriculum Focus: History - Ancient Greece

In our curriculum sessions, we'll travel back in time to explore the mysteries of Ancient Greece. From the Battle of Troy to famous people of Ancient Greece and their belief in God’s and Goddesses, it's going to be an exciting journey through history.


We will be taking part in Tag Rugby this term and learning the rules and skills of this exciting game with Mrs White from the Academy.

Creative Arts

We will be completing our Alekos Fassianos Artwork next term and also be delving into our D&T topic, creating a Greek delicacy ‘souvlaki’ and flat bread.


Look out on Dojo for weekly updates for the homework that your child will be set for Spelling Shed, My Maths and also the curriculum newsletter where we have sent out our project homework. Your child will have a selection of three homework options to choose from. Do them all, or choose one, it is up to you! Each fantastic piece of project homework will get a star if it is completed to a high standard.

We're looking forward to a fantastic half term filled with learning, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Let's make it a year to remember!