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YEAR 6 - Haddon and Hardwick

Hi Year 6! We hope you’ve had a brilliant start to the year and are looking forward to next half term. We have really enjoyed this term so far, particularly your fantastic work around the Rio Carnival in Brazil. We cannot wait to begin our new half term and see your learning progress over the next year.

Mr Medley and Mrs Moody

What We're Learning This Half Term

Mathematics: Fractions and Ratio

In Maths, we'll be continuing our work surrounding fractions. In particular, we’ll be consolidating our knowledge by adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.

English: Ancient Maya

Our English lessons will use our curriculum focus as the basis for our pieces of writing. As we did in our South America topic with our Rio Carnival travel brochures, we will use our knowledge from our history lessons to create a wide range of independent pieces.

Science: Evolution and Inheritance

We are continuing our biology focus next half term and beginning to look at evolution and inheritance. We will be diving deeper into scientific studies over time and the important figures who have shaped our world.

Curriculum Focus: History – Ancient Maya

In our curriculum sessions, we'll be moving on from South America and working our way up to what is now central America and studying the Ancient Maya civilisation. This topic will truly test our ability to work like historians and use a wide range of sources to build our knowledge!

PE: Tag Rugby/Hockey

This half term, we are delving into two new sports that involve teamwork and a high level of coordination to be successful.

Computing: 3D Animation

In order to explore our creativity, we will be immersing ourselves into the world of 3D animation and creating our own short, animated clip.

Homework- MyMathse

Each week, we will be setting homework on MyMaths for you to complete. We will send home your logins on your first day back after half term. There is also the opportunity to complete a creative challenge from the homework menu.

We're looking forward to a fantastic half term and we can’t wait to continue our fantastic start to Year 6.